• Vreta Kluster

About us

Why do we exist?

We want to encourage businesses within the world’s most important sectors to flourish. We are on hand for all those working in the biobased industries, i.e. all those working in agriculture, forestry, renewable energy and food. Their future, development and growth is our driving force.

Welcome to our greenhouse!

Ideas and enterprises need the right environment in order to germinate and grow. Here at Vreta Kluster we have established a creative development arena and a meeting place  for companies within the green industries. We consider ourselves to be a type of greenhouse, where through working in partnership we create the conditions for development of business concepts, new enterprises and green industries in general. Our objective is to create value for the cluster companies and to promote entrepreneurship, exchanges of knowledge and growth in the region.

Workplace and meeting place

At Vreta Kluster, work is carried out within agriculture, animal rearing, food, renewable energy, forestry, horticulture and aquaculture. All these are important development areas for the region and we want to help increase their commercial and societal benefits. Those leasing a workplace from us gain access to a unique, growing green network and the opportunity to participate in the cluster’s conferences, training courses and events. Here industry and research meet and interact in an open, inspiring innovation environment where we also offer support for technological development, testing and commercialisation within the biobased industries.

We are located in Östergötland, but have a national focus and an international perspective.