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SustAinimal: Grazing living lab seminar - Grazing in the North

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In SustAinimal we are investigating how grazing is conducted, and can be done in the future, in three different regions in Sweden. This is done in Grazing Living Labs, one in the south in Skåne, one in the midwest; Västra Götaland, and one in the North in Västerbotten. Each Grazing Living Lab contains farmers, farms, scientists and stakeholders, investigating what grazing strategies are most suitable in the different regions, for different farmers.  

In this seminar, the Grazing Living Lab North, has invited interesting speakers on the theme of grazing in the North. We look forward to a lot of interesting facts, learnings and dialogues. 

The seminar is organized by SustAinimal.

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Datum 2023-01-26
Slutar 2023-01-26